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Dogs & TheiR Homes

Creating a better home for your dog ... and you!

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About Us

We are Sara and Frederik, welcome and nice to meet you! ​


From an early age we have both been fascinated by dogs.

Sara grew up among four-legged friends of all sizes, and soon became the youngest student at the dog school - Frederik had to wait a little longer and only bought his first dog in 2015. Outlaw Blues of Woolly Rocks (Outlaw or Outie Boutie for his friends) has been following him everywhere ever since.


After some wandering and months of searching for the best way to raise Outlaw, he ended up at dog school De Snuffel  in Snaaskerke (Ostend), led by Jorn Claeys and David Stuyck. Frederik learned the tricks of the trade from them and was so impressed by their vision that he soon decided to follow an instructor course himself. ​


After teaching at De Snuffel  for a number of years, Frederik started his own little enterprise, sharing the knowledge and experience with other dog owners in close cooperation with Jorn and on a private basis: ​ Dogs & their Homes was born! ​


In 2018, the spark between Frederik and Sara suddenly also sparked a passion for teaching. We took over Nina, our Border Collie, from the Federal Police.

After 2 years behind the scenes, Sara took a step forward, and since then she has also non-stop been guiding owners on their way to a balanced and fun life with their four-legged friends.

Since June 2021, Umi, our little red Australian Shepherd, completes the pack.

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Sara & Frederik - Dogs & Their Homes
Dogs & Their Homes - Uithangbord


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Our Location

Heifortstraat 42

9940 Ertvelde (Belgium)

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Phone Etiquette

In order to fully concentrate on the dogs and owners in our classes, our telephone is usually on silent - so please contact us by email as much as possible.

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Be sure to keep an eye on your spam as well, our emails often tend to end up there...

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Prefer by phone? Please leave a message on our voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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Door grote vraag bedraagt de wachttijd steeds enkele weken. Neem dus tijdig contact op!

Voor urgente zaken (bijtincidenten/risicovolle situaties met kinderen) voorzien we spoedafspraken.

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contact us


Heifortstraat 42 9940 Ertvelde



Sara: +32(0)472/09.64.10

Frederik: +32(0)472/43.76.62


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